Our offer


Energeco operates in many process industry sectors: Oil&Gas, Petrochemicals, Fine Chemicals; and in other Sectors, such as Power Generation, Green TechnologyManifacturing and Cement Factories. Each Sector clearly requires a specific know how and  in-depth knowledge of the relevant updated technologies. The broad-ranging experience of the Energeco founders, and the staff's mastery of the different Sectors is the best guarantee, for the Client, of accurate and tailored services, regardless of the size, type and stage of the Project in which Energeco is asked to intervene.


Process Design and plant Optimization Studies are typical examples of the services provided by Energeco as part of its core business. However, at Energeco we also deliver a wide array of Services covering many phases of the lifecycle of a process plant, from conceptual design to start-up and then during operation of the Plant: e.g., troubleshooting, debottlenecking and any type of revamping projects. We operate according to the most widespread Contract arrangements (e.g., Reimbursable, or Lump Sum of Services), depending on Customer preference and Project characteristics.


In an Industrial Complex, the Process Units are definitely the kernel of the Plant. However, to be able to operate, the Process Units needs that a number of ancillary but vital systems such as Off Sites and Utilities are in steady and reliable operation. Design, implementation and revamping of Off-Sites and Utilities Units are part of Energeco core business. A description of said systems and of Energeco capabilities during any phase of their implementation is given in this area.